Welcome to EPIC Church in Killeen Grand Opening

Pastor Charles and Kantrice - EPIC Church

An EPIC Church Grand Opening, Killeen, TX.

On Sunday, September 17, 2017 at 10am, we will celebrate our official launch and grand opening with Local National Recording Artist, Jokia and she will share the Gospel through her musical passion. In a sense these are EPIC Launch Mini-Concert Series.

We are a Multicultural, Multiethnic, and Multigenerational community of faith committed to one passion. That is to Empower People In Christ!

Pastor Kantrice and Pastor Charles Robinson are the Lead Pastor’s of EPIC Church and they pride themselves in exemplifying the core values of :

Love God empowers us to love others especially loving ourselves. By loving others we acknowledge their sacred worth as a child of God and the freedom to invite anyone into our faith community.

Community  is the bedrock of our gathering. Being in community is our way of encouraging, promoting, uplifting, and challenging each other in love.

Service  in worship, study, and outreach is how we as a community celebrate God’s presence and goodness in our lives.

Grace  is not only a gift we receive from God but it is one we extend to all those we meet. We choose to be abundantly gracious rather than bitter and judgmental. We choose to be forgiving instead of stubborn. Our acceptance and offering of grace is embodied in our service.

We wait with prayerful anticipation for the excitement that this launch day will bring. Mayor Jose Segarra will present a proclamation. Many other community leaders will be in attendance helping us to celebrate this day.

We will gather for a time of prayer for our state, nation, and our world. We will gather for a dynamic sermon and beautiful music. Come and celebrate all of the wonderful ways God is blessing our community.

Again, we welcome you to the sacred space we call the “EPICenter of Worship”. EPIC Church is an intentional community seeking to embody (live out) the inclusiveness, graciousness, love and mercy of Jesus Christ’s ministry. You belong here!

Pastor Charles and Kantrice - EPIC Church


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